Journal entry 2

Powers pt 1

Dear journal, these past weeks have been incredible. After we left the centaurs we went west back through the forest looking for the "Almost Humans". After days of travel we came across a beautiful waterfall will fresh clean water. We bathed, ate fish, and enjoyed our time there for a bit, then proceeding to make a raft and take it down river from there. We spent days relaxing on the raft, fishing and joking, however among the good times there was one bad day when we lost james. We looked for him for a bit but decided it was best to move on. A few days later we found that this river and two others, all of which apparently derive from repective mountains, join into a central lake with an island in the middle that the waters swirled around. We rowed to the island, and according to the other guys passed over swimming ghosts or something because i couldn't see them. Anyways we made it to the island and found some sort of temple. As it got later in the night we noticed the water swirling around the island faster and faster, deciding to wait and see what would happen. At high moon a brilliant rainbow tunnel shot down from the moon, creating a bridge to what i know know was the feywild. While neither I or Agnes could see them the others saw these tall elf lookin people come out of an arch under the rainbow tunnel. Oswald trying to be friendly with the beings offered our gift from the man Grüber, they accepted and returned a gift of their own, which Oswald absorbed into his chest. . . .



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