Journal entry 3

Powers pt 2

So after the exchange of gifts we continued west down the river. We traveled for a couple more days until we came upon a large body of water which i know know is a bay, and a village of almost human people. These people had gills, and webbed fingers but seemed civilized so we approached and met a man by the name of Winsum, after talking to him he directed us to a person in charge, a person touched by the chosen one, a creature of great power. After telling this person of our previous encounters with the fey creature, Oswald, Theodoric, and Fredrick were asked to leave the village as they were tainted by the fey creatures, while Agnes and I were offered the ability to be touched by the chosen one. During the ceremony, Agnes couldn't bring herself to sacrifice a man even though he begged for it so I was forced to stand in and finish the ritual, bridging a connection with the Chosen One. We then left the town and went south, reaching the point where the land became blighted. So we decided to go east toward the southern most mountain. Along the way we met the good witch, a festive looking lady with a parrot. She offered to help us on our journey and even take on Theodoric as her Witch Knight if we would help combat her evil sister, of course we said yes. Of we went east to a huge tree on our way to the southern mountain to put and end to evil witches plans. Unfortunately after defeating some ice mephits that were causing corruption of the tree a form rose from the puddles and piles of ice grabbing a hold of Agnes and vanishing. This is were i must leave my tale for now but rest assured it will continue.

-Hugh Black



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